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Please see the below instructions for further clarification on utilization of the photo tool.

Who do I go to with questions?

Please contact Amanda Segebart at asegebart@keystoneexperts.com or (720) 615-6210 with questions.

How can I organize and sort my photos?

How can I organize/sort my photos?

  • You can upload photos into folders within the photo tool web app. Folders need to be created in the photo tool and then photos added to the folder. You can view any folder and its content by clicking on the folder in Step 2. To return to the previous page, use the links on the left side of the screen. Clicking on the three dot menu in the upper right corner of each photo allows you to move and delete photos.

Editing and Annotations

What is the aspect ratio?

  • All photos are taken with a set aspect ratio. Most photos taken on a phone are set to a 4:3 ratio, while most digital cameras default to a 3:2 ratio. We have provided a toggle button on Step 4: Preview Report, so you can set the ratio to match your photo source. If some of your photos seem cropped and edges are missing, toggle the ratio to show the entirety of your photo. It is recommended to take your photos in one of those two aspect ratios, otherwise you will have a gray border around your photo. You can also return to Step: 3 Edit and Annotate and use the crop tool to fit your photo to an aspect ratio.

Where can I crop my photos?

  • The crop tool is located on Step 3: Edit and Annotate, click on a photo to see all editing options. The crop tool will allow you to choose a fixed aspect ratio to crop to, or will allow for free transform cropping. Click on the “Apply” button for any crop changes to be saved. Keystone’s photo tool defaults to 4:3 ratio. You can toggle the aspect ratio button on Step:4 Preview Report to easily change the aspect ratio of all photos between 3:2 and 4:3.

How do I check or change the aspect ratio on my phone?

  • Apple iPhone: After launching the camera,tap on the the small arrow at the top of the screen, it should be pointing down, this will pull up additional photo settings, you will see a circle with an aspect ratio in it [X:X], tap on that circle, this will pull up a few additional options for aspect ratio. Choose 4:3 to easily match the photo report.
    Android: Launch the camera app, while holding your camera in landscape orientation, the aspect ratio icon will appear on the left of the screen 4:3. If the aspect ratio is anything other than the default 4:3, select the icon for the range of options to appear, then select 4:3.

My photos are not uploading in the Keystone Konnect App

  • Photos can only be uploaded when the app is open. Please make sure you are connected to the internet for faster uploading and the app remains open. We recommend that you use your phone to upload smaller numbers of photos, and if you have a large assignment with larger quantities of photos that you upload directly to the google drive folder. If you have trouble with photos uploading, please contact Keystone.

Make sure you have downloaded the Keystone Konnect App and that it is fully updated to the latest version.

Apple App Store – Keystone Konnect Photo
Google Play Store – Keystone Konnect Photo

To get access to an assignment within the app, use the link found in the assignment information email. When you click on the Photo Tool Link it will open in the Keystone app and you will see the assignment on the menu page.

  • The chosen assignment will launch the Keystone Konnect Photo App
    • The photo app is best used to upload photos already taken on a device, however you are able to take single photos within the app, but it is not recommended for large inspections at this time.
  • Click “Upload Photos”.
  • Select the photos relevant to the assignment that you want to be uploaded.
    • ***You may be limited at 200 images at a time, this is dependent on phone operating system rules.
    • The photo app must remain open for the photos to be uploaded to the Google folder.
    • If you do not have internet access, a small cloud icon will appear in the bottom right of the photo thumbnail indicating it still needs to be uploaded. As soon as there is enough connection, the photo(s) will automatically begin as long as the app is open. The small cloud icon will change to a green check mark indicating it has successfully been uploaded.
  • Photos added are automatically added to the appropriate Keystone Google Drive folder for the assignment and will also sync with the web tool to make annotations and create a final report.

By clicking on “View All Photos” you will be able to see all photos connected to the assignment, whether they were uploaded via browser or mobile app.

Utilize the emailed link or click the “Photo Report Tool” button at the top of the page or appropriate business line tab in QuickBase. You will be taken to the web portal to complete your photo report.


From this page you can either modify a report or create a new report. There is also the ability to edit your report title, the Keystone Number will always precede your report title. Click on “Modify Report.”


After taking photos onsite at the assignment location utilizing your smartphone, tablet or camera.

If you have added photos to the “Inspection Photos” folder within the Google Drive link associated with your assignment, or through the Keystone Konnect Photo App, the photos will automatically sync with the Web Photo Tool.


  • Click “Add Photos”
  • Upload photos by:
    • Dragging and dropping photos into the gray box
    • Click anywhere within the gray box to be prompted to select photos from your device
    • Photos added are automatically synced to the appropriate Keystone Google Drive folder for the assignment.


  • Click on the photos you would like to appear in your photo report, once chosen a blue checkbox will appear in the upper left corner
  • Please make sure to select a photo representing each elevation of the structure as well as any photos reinforcing your findings.


  • Rearrange photos to the order they will appear on the report by clicking and dragging your photo to the desired location. Photo numbers will update as you drag them to their desired order. You have two view options, one shows thumbnails to help reorder your photos with ease while the small icons option allows you to see the description box.
  • Click on a photo to be brought into the editing tool where you can crop your photo, add shapes, arrows or text, create an image within an image (mask), among other features.
  • Each photo is required to have a description. The two ways you can add this information are, on the Step 3 landing page, use the description text box and click save all or save after each annotation. You can also click on the photo and add a description in the text box to the right of the photo and use the save button just below the text box.
  • Add a description for each image appearing on the report this can be done within the editing tool view or on the main Edit and Annotate page. All images are required to have a description.
  • To deselect a photo for the report, click on the blue checkmark.
    • By clicking the checkmark, your photo will be removed from the report, however you can still view or add the photo by returning to Step 2.


Once you are happy with your photos, all descriptions have been added and you have made the appropriate annotations, click on Step 4: Preview Report. From this page you can:

  • Add a title that will show up on the top of each page of the report
  • Adjust the aspect ratio of the photos, most photos taken with your phone will be a 4:3 ratio. A 3:2 ratio is more common among digital camera settings. Please choose the aspect ratio that allows your full photos to be viewed. Any additional cropping or resizing will need to be done within Step 3: Edit and Annotate.
  • Please scroll through the report preview to make sure all necessary photos have been added and appropriate annotations and descriptions are saved and visible.
  • When happy with the preview, mark it as complete in QuickBase using the appropriate “Photo Report Complete” checkbox.
  • The “report signed” date box is for admin use, no necessary action needs to be taken on your end.
  • No further action is needed within the photo tool. The administrative and management team will finalize and generate the final copy of the report.


The photo tool will create versions of your photo report every 10 minutes while you are actively using the tool. You can also create a version manually, this will ensure you have saved your work and can restore a version at any point in time.

  • The system will let you know if the version was created by you (manually) or by the system.
  • If you choose to restore a version, it will not replace your current photo report, but will show up on Step 1 as an additional report that you can choose to modify.

If future edits are required, you can always revisit the photo tool to edit your report or create a new photo report.