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Please see the below instructions for further clarification on utilization of the photo tool.

Who do I go to with questions?

Please contact Amanda Brown at abrown@keystoneexperts.com or (214) 675-5458 with questions.

Adding Photos To An Assignment

After taking photos onsite at the assignment location utilizing your smartphone or tablet: 

On a Web Browser

(Utilizing the emailed link or by clicking the “Photo Report Tool” button in QuickBase)

  • On the Step 1 screen, click “Add Photos”.
  • Drag and drop the photos you’d like to upload, or click the gray box to bring up a folder browse screen to find and select the desired photos.

On the App: Keystone Konnect Photo

Apple App Store – Keystone Konnect Photo
Google Play Store – Keystone Konnect Photo

  • As of right now, the Photo App is ONLY used for uploading photos.
    • Click “Upload Photos”.
    • Select the photos relevant to the assignment to be uploaded.
      ***You may be limited at 50 images at a time, this is dependent on phone
      operating system rules.
    • If you do not have internet access, a small cloud icon will appear in the bottom right of the photo thumbnail indicating it still needs to be uploaded. As soon as there is enough connection, the photo(s) will automatically begin to upload and the small cloud icon will change to a green check mark indicating it is finished.
  • Photos added using either method are automatically added to the appropriate Keystone Google Drive folder for the assignment.

Create Your Report Using The Web Tool

Utilize the emailed link or click the “Photo Report Tool” button at the top of the appropriate business line tab in QuickBase. You will be taken to the web portal to complete your photo report.

Step 1: Select Photos

  • If you have not already done so, add photos using the “Add Photos” button, or through the app upload feature (see above instructions)
  • Use the checkboxes in the top left corner of the image previews to select which should appear on the report.
  • Please make sure to select a photo representing each elevation of the structure as well as any photos reinforcing your findings.

Step 2: Edit and Annotate

  • Rearrange photos to the order they will appear on the report.
  • Click a photo to be brought into the editing tool where you can add markings, text, an image within an image, and more.
  • Add a description for each image appearing on the report, all images are required to have a description.
  • Unchecking an image in Step 2 will remove it from the view, but will leave it visible and unchecked on Step 1.
  • Deleting an image moves it to the “Deleted Photos” area at the top right of the screen.
    • You may restore a deleted image by clicking the arrow icon at the top right corner of the image preview.

Step 3: Preview Report

  • Scroll through the report to ensure photos are in the expected order and all have the correct annotations and descriptions.
    • If any changes are necessary, return to step 2 to make changes before proceeding.
  • When happy with the preview, mark it as complete in QuickBase using the appropriate “Photo Report Complete” checkbox.
  • No further action is needed within the photo tool. The administrative and management team will finalize and generate the final copy of the report.

If future edits are required, you can always revisit the photo tool to create a new photo report.